Prince Sekat, Jos

The Acting Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Langtang North Local Government Area of Plateau State , on Reuben Wuyep has fingered the Peoples Democratic Party ,PDP , as behind the calling for the removal of the democratically elected chairman of Langtang North LGC Hon. Barr Bitrus Zulfa Rimven Esq by a faceless group sponsored to create acronym and political hatred.

Hon Wuyep stated this and made it available to this medium in Jos.

He condemned the plot saying, ” APC, as a political party is marveled by the publication, is, to say the least that nothing of such To the best of the party knowledge.

Wuyep disclosed that their attention has been drawn to a publication of a group under the aegis of Langtang North United for Change (LNUAC) on Sunday 26th June 2022 calling for the removal of the democratically elected chairman of Langtang North LGC Hon. Barr Bitrus Zulfa Rimven Esq. To say APC as a political party is marveled by the publication is, to say the least. To the best of our knowledge, there has never been, and there is no group as such in Langtang North APC.

According to him, It is ridiculous for some unscrupulous elements whose handiwork is too foment trouble to take to the media and write balderdash against the peace Loving Chairman of Langtang North, who is the party leader.

In fact, there has been no time a group as such identified or approached the Party secretariat. All groups in APC Langtang North are registered by the secretariat and are well captured in all party activities.

APC is and organized party with a clear code and channels of communication, as such we are forced to believe that the descendants of Shemaiah are here again to do their work. But there’s a sense in what we say that “the God we worship never sleeps nor slumbers” as the said publication comes with the identity of the sponsors as their errand boys are the only ones fingered in sharing the said publication on the social media.

That the said group had the courage to make publication in a bit to damage the reputation of the chairman ended up using a non-existent name as the coordinator of the group and a non-existent group is indeed a tragedy of gigantic proportion.

In other words, the orchestrator of the said publication knew beforehand that they are out to peddle falsehood.

This was the same method they used on the former council chairman of Langtang North Hon. Nanloh Amos Kparnim and because they got away with it, they are here again.

This publication is no doubt the handiwork of the opposition party (PDP), acting with so much desperation to pain the performing APC-led administration in a bad light. This is a joke taken too far.

Haven’t been given the mantle of leadership in Langtang North in the recently passed by the executive Governor of the plateau state with no single project to show, we expect the opposition party, the PDP to instead, bury themselves in shame rather than trying to compare a six(PDP) with a dozen (APC).

We are therefore, warning the said people of the danger of swimming against the tidal waves. If the said people have the temerity, they should unmask themselves. However, the discerning public did the needful by throwing the bathwater with the dirtiest baby. we consider their recent actions as the last kicks of a dying horse.

We are therefore calling on the general public to disregard the said publication as it is the handiwork of mischief makers who are held bent on truncating the current peace and stability being enjoyed in Langtang North under the APC-led administration.

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