By Freelance Reporters, Jos

The Plateau bloggers and online media association(PLABOMA) a recognized umbrella body that houses all professional bloggers and online journalists in Northern Nigeria on Friday 16th December 2022 presented an award of excellence(special recognition for exceptional impact) to the Executive Chairman of Kanke Local Government Council, Hon. Henry Jan Gotip.

The event which was held at Eliel Center in Jos the Plateau State Capital with theme; Social Media: A tool for promoting peaceful elections” witnessed all bloggers and online news across Plateau State and Northern Nigeria.

Social Media Marketer and Blogger, Awom Kenneth, speaking on the 2022 theme; Social Media: A tool for promoting peaceful elections” stated that there was a need for political parties, party candidates and the voting population to use social media as a means of passing information that will promote peace during the 2023 elections.

He noted that social media provides an opportunity for faster and higher population reach as such the need for persons to engage properly.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the Association, Comrade Friday Bako, said that as a group, the association will not relent but work assiduously to minimize the rate of fake news and hate speeches as well as work towards the unity, growth, and development of the State and Nation at large as critical stakeholders in Nation building.

Comrade Bako however called for more support for the Plateau Bloggers and Online Media Association in setting up an elections monitoring team as the Association has the capacity to achieve the aforementioned but is financially handicapped.

In his reaction, Gotip appreciated God for giving him the opportunity to serve humanity, while appreciating his family, the entire Kanke LG staff, management team, executives and the legislative arm for their unrelenting support for a better and greater Kanke.

Highlight of the event was the presentation of recognition and excellence awards to some deserving individuals and organizations that have furthered the course of the information communication technology ecosystem in the state, region and nation. Others were also recognized for their notable contribution to humanity and for exceptional impact within and outside Plateau state. for exceptional service to humanity and exceptional impact.



We do not make pretenses about it, gray hairs have been considered ground for wisdom. That is not any longer, for even children are endowed with lots of it.

That today, the heads of children is decorated with it does not reduce its relevance and the significance it bestows on the elderly who are richly endowed with it.

Indeed, gray hairs signify different things in the life of an individual, whether old or young. However, it is considered by the old, that the strands of those gray hairs are an indication of what such an individual has passed through.

It has been observed severally that despite such intimidating records of legislative adroitness, Gagdi no doubt ‘holds a record of excellent performance in constituency outreach, project execution, as well as human development and empowerment’.

What better description could we ascribe to such a representative who ‘perfectly blends lawmaking duties and oversight functions with a constant touch with his constituents’.

Fou those who know ‘hardly a week passes by without Gagdi having at least ten engagements to attend in his constituency. And he does it without compromising according to his supporters and admirers alike. ‘This accounts for the gray hair adorning his head, espite the fact that he is in his early 40s.’

For us and indeed, those who appreciate him, ‘such a workaholic representative, who is never found wanting in any tasks bestowed on him by virtue of his position as the member PKK, it would be highly suicidal not to VOTE GAGDI AGAIN in 2023’.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the Senate’s concurrence on the alterations needed on Maritime Trust Fund Establishment Bill, HB.1243, sponsored by Rt Hon Gagdi, and if signed into law, this would bring to six, the number of bills sponsored by Gagdi to receive Presidential assent.

He has gone down in history as the first lawmaker in Nigeria to sponsor six Private Member Bills to receive Presidential assent within a legislative session, since the establishment of Nigeria’s National Assembly as a bicameral legislature.

Recall that the other three bills sponsored by Gagdi, which have already been signed into law are: Police Act 2020, the Federal University of Education, Pankshin Act 2021 and the National Hydrographic Agency Act 2021.

What else, we believe in his capacity because it is in God we trust!

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December 14, 2022



The Northern Governors Forum has felicitated with the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari on his 80th birthday.

Chairman of the Forum and Governor of Plateau State Simon Bako Lalong in a message described the President as a father for all who has done so much to touch the lives of Nigerians positively.

Lalong said the President has lived a life of sacrifice, service and patriotism from his days in the military and even presently where he has been saddled with the responsibility of running the country under a democracy.

He said the Northern Governors Forum is proud to be associated with the achievements of the President in carrying out landmark projects and programmes which have changed the trajectory of Nigeria’s development.

Governor Lalong said the Forum has enjoyed tremendous support and cooperation from the President in its quest to address some of the many challenges of the region particularly those relating to education, security, agriculture, infrastructure and health among others.

Lalong emphasized that the President has given a good account of his mandate and will leave a legacy of impact that is seen in various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

While wishing him many more years ahead, the Northern Governors Forum prayed God to grant the President good health, God’s protection and divine protection.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State & Chairman Northern Governors Forum.
17th December 2022.



On behalf of the management,I wish to extend special greetings to every member of the college family.

Looking back on our journey from January to December, we can only affirm that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ has been sufficient for us throughout 2022.

As you enjoy this special holiday season, I urge you to pause, reflect, and strategize, seeking avenues to better focus on our vision and mission in the coming year.

I’d want to wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Mr. Danlami Sambo.
RN, RNE, RPHN,B.sc, M.sc, FWACN,PhD in view.
Ag. Provost.



Journalists the world over have never enjoyed being called agent provocateurs, as that has never been part of their calling. They could be everything combined, but certainly not one that destroys.

Journalism, by all means, has standards; a million of its practitioners can not circumvent. Charlatans have never had anything to do with the profession over the years. No wonder, they are called quacks, who should not be allowed to practice.

Fair enough, the business of journalism can be tempting to be ignored, but dangerous to be used for a purpose other than what it should be: Educate society rightly, without being influenced for pecuniary reasons.

In the last few years, sadly, the person in question has been an apologist of different political parties while engaging in his trade. It is a Nigerian malaise; not many have been healed of, to think that belonging to a political party while working as a journalist is a license at hand to freely attack personalities.

It is dangerous to have just an idea and always think that only yours is superior. How deplorable can such a one be? This charlatan falls squarely into this category, and for this reason, he’s the most to be pitied.

It is little wonder, he struts around with an air of superior importance as if he is the master of the art. He may have impressed his masters so much that they are behaving similarly, but, who is it living today that does not have reason to doubt his antics?

If not, pray, say, what is the difference between a goalkeeper who prefers to fly into a gravel-infested part of the field expecting his supporters to clap for his heroics? They have since found a lapdog with unpropitious acumen attached by his masters to attack Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe at every turn.

We shall not condescend so low as he and those who have bequeathed that spirit to him have elected to, for if that is done, it is possible to fall into the same trap they have set. We are a lot wiser chasing only the buy-in of the people of Plateau State, to dwell so much on his person is to ascribe some modicum of importance.

We have often heard the same character say that he can not support Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda for ‘planning to remove food from his mouth. That has been Nentawe’s sin, and it couldn’t be atoned for as far as the character is concerned. How lonely and despicable can such a character be in this trade?

Put simply, he alleges that the APC gubernatorial candidate had told a gathering of newspaper Correspondents in Plateau and others at a one-day symposium two years ago, that if he became the governor, he may not support the print media, rather, he would prefer he gave attention only to online publications.

While we do not hold any brief for him, being the ICT expert that Nentawe is, it is laughable to imagine that he could do that if he became the governor and the charlatan knows that it would be near impossible to ride on that dream if Nentawe wanted it so.

While it became apparent, and he is aware, that Nentawe had since become a household name. Was it not the reason he hurriedly went to his house in August 2022 to pledge his allegiance? And he was at the forefront of those who widely circulated his visit.

Let’s face it, if he became a nuisance as soon as he visited Nentawe’s residence to pledge his allegiance, we kept records of what he told the gubernatorial candidate of APC in Plateau. Pray, say, what must have transpired within a short period that he now sees Nentawe as an enemy of the people who love and would like to vote for him for what he represents.

A cursory introspection can only reveal nothing but a naked hatred for what is good. If he is that good to the point that he thinks his business may be truncated by Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda’s entrance into Government House, Rayfield, Jos, he does so by revealing the shallow depth of his business acumen.

In a world that is ruled by ideas, is there any governor who can stop the growth of a genuine idea in this century? We know and rightly so that, one can effectively sell what he has if his capacity is not limited. If anyone has an idea waiting only on the government to survive, you need to go back to the drawing board and rejig them.

Government, I dare say does not have all the ideas to run any state. It depends always on the contributions of other individuals to add value in governance, economy, media, and several other areas. So what is this fuse that Nentawe has ‘promised’ he would send him out of business? We are at a loss.

How poor can he be? If a journalist is bereft of ideas to navigate the murky waters of business, it is possible to describe the malfunction of a mic as a sign of rejection. It is indeed possible to tell the world what Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe is not because he finds him irresistible to attack.

Let us state for his all his ilk who may find what the charlatan likes engaging in that: ‘Mediocre journalism feeds on superstition and nurtures primitivity!’

If he is not wiser by the number of counsel he has repeatedly received since he derailed by taking the unpopular course, perhaps, he needs a free lesson: Journalism is not madness. If he takes liberty in haranguing personalities; he and his masters will be surprised by what lies ahead of them: Just disapprobation!

He has been advised accordingly! They say, a stitch in time, saves nine.

Signed :
Dauda Allahmagani
For: Plateau Youth United Against Personality Attacks (PLAYAPA)


By Freelance Reporters, Jos


The All Progressives Congress has sympathised with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP over the poor turn -out during its Presidential campaign rally in Jos today.
All the hype and noise which preceded the rally which turned out to be a misadventure left all, including the Presidential candidate clay footed as they left the half filled Jos Township Stadium gaping for air.
This is definitely a reminder to any political watcher that the crises the party has been embroiled in is far from over.

The Publicity Secretary of the Party in the state Hon. Slyvanus Namang in a statement says the people of the state have spoken and the message is loud and clear that the PDP is still no longer wanted in the state as it has remained a pariah since 2015.

According to him, with the dismal outing, the PDP does not need a sooth sayer to tell it that the game is up adding that the people are more politically conscious and would not allow anyone to toy with their destiny any longer.

Mr Namang stated that the people of Plateau state can no longer be swayed or deceived by sugar coated promises of the PDP as they are yet to recover from the party’s 16 years of misrule and self inflicted crises both at the state and national levels.

He pointed out that when juxtaposed with the recently held APC mega presidential rally in Jos, the PDP presidential campaign rally can best be described as a collosal failure and mishap.

Mr Namang commended the people of the state for shunning the PDP presidential rally noting that their actions portend good tidings for APC which remains the party to beat in all elections come 2023.

Hon.Slyvanus Namang,
APC State
Publicity Secretary


By Freelance Reporters, Jos

The Plateau Bloggers and Online Media Association (PLABOMA) a recognized umbrella body that houses all professional bloggers and online journalists in Northern Nigeria is set to host members, guests, and dignitaries to their 2nd end-of-year dinner and recognition Night for the year 2022.

This year’s event with the theme “Social Media; A tool for promoting peaceful elections” will feature a special lecture on the use of social media as a tool for promoting peaceful elections, with all the Plateau State Governorship, Senatorial and House of Reps Candidates of the various Parties invited as special guests.

PLABOMA will also recognize some key individuals and organizations that have contributed to humanity and impacted Plateau State and Nigeria at large, with also a focus on individuals and organizations that have furthered the course of the information communication technology ecosystem in the state, region and nation at large with special recognition awards.

The event which is strictly by invitation and reservation is scheduled for Friday 16th December 2022 by 6pm at Eliel Event Center, Gold and Base, Rayfield, Jos, Plateau State.


The unseen hands fanning the ember of crisis in the labour Party LP, plateau State Chapter has finally been exposed ,and the reasons behind their action.

The crisis hitherto bedeviling the party is externally influenced , which can be best described as “The Hands Of Esue, and the voice Of Jacob” fuelled by

people on the corridor of power within and outside plateau state scared of Labour Party looking at the political fast lane LP is moving to capture power from the ruling APC, and return it back to the citizens of the State.

Counsel to the Governorship candidate of LP in the state, Edward Pwajok SAN,who doubled as running mate to the Governship Candidate Patrick Dakum made the exposure in an interview to journalists at the Federal High Court premises 9th December,2022, immediately after the Judgement of who is the authentic governship candidate of the party instituted by the embattled former Governorship candidate of the party Ambassador Yohanna Margif.

Edward further revealed that the other reason while some notable people who are already scared of LP in the state ,are bent of sowing seed of political discord among the members of the party ,is because the party in the state has provided the people of plateau an alternative political platform to elect their Representatives in the forthcoming General Elections which they are not comfortable with.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN, further stressed that the APC and it traveling agents are moving round the clock to stopped at nothing, till they succeed in setting the members of the party against themselves.

Warned those behind the wicked plans that they have all failed the political permutations which the table will turn against them sooner or later, unless they retrace their steps.

Their annoyance is that they have run short of compendium of lies they are going to tell the people of plateau,by extension Nigerians after over Seven years of abysmal failure of All Progressive Congress APC, without accompanied the change they promised Nigeria people.

He advised the citizens of the state to go and get their PVC ready to push APC out of power now the legal tussles in the party is over, and the political coast is clear.

He warned some lawyers who instead of advising their client against filing frivolous cases that are bad , they rather instigate them because of their financial interest , as the supreme Court has come hard on those categories of lawyers as they will be fined adequately when luck run out of them

Earlier the Governship Candidate of the party Patrick Dakum advice the Electorates to go and dust their PVC ahead 2023 voting.

He advised voters to look at the family centered ballots paper when casting their votes .



Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong has expressed appreciation to the business community for their support and collaboration which has resulted in the rejuvenation of the economic fortunes of the State.

Governor Lalong who was speaking at the 6th annual Governor’s Dinner with the business community at the Banquet Hall of the new Government House Little Rayfield Jos, said the level of faith and commitment exhibited by the business community gave a lot of confidence to the Rescue Administration to pursue economic revival and ease of doing business.

He said “This support has enabled us to undertake some of the laudable projects and programmes that has improved not only the GDP of the State but has uplifted the quality of life of many of our citizens. Indeed, you have been a solid partner with the State Government in areas of job creation and poverty reduction. When I assumed office as the Executive Governor of Plateau State, one of the critical goals of my administration was to make it easier for businesses to run efficiently. This is why we focused on improving the Investment Climate and the Business environment, by introducing innovative reforms in the processes and activities of the business related Government Agencies in collaboration with the relevant private sector actors with the aim of creating jobs and improving livelihood”.

The Governor explaines that his constant engagement with the business community gave him the opportunity to clearly understand and address some of the challenges that made entrepreneurship difficult in the past. This he said helped his administration to make job-creation a key consideration for all programmes in line with the State Development Strategy. Emphasis he said was also shifted towards empowering youths to become entrepreneurs rather than job seekers.

The Governor said through the creation of the One Stop Investment Centre (OSIC), the Multi Door Court House and the incentives given in land acquisition, infrastructure and tax holidays, the Government made it attractive for businesses to spring up thereby enabling MSMEs to increase their presence in the State.

He said before the end of his administration, the necessary legislations yet to be passed will be carried out while infrastructure will be improved upon to make it easier for businesses to operate and make profit.

Chairman Economic Advisory Council Nde Ezekiel Gomos said the Governor’s passion for ensuring economic growth and prosperity pushed him to focus on key issues that impacted on ease of doing business such as security, infrastructure, improved effeciency and effectiveness of government MDAs among others which resulted in Plateau being ranked 14th in the ease of doing business nationally, a better outing from previous positions that were not appreciable.

MD PIPC Mr. Chris Yilzak, DG PLASMIDA Bongkap Wuyep, Rep of PLACCIMA Dauda Gashit, Cyril Ogboli of the Coalition of Business and Professional Associations all gave kudos to Governor Lalong for not only giving a listening ear to the business community, but also carrying out most of the demands they presented which greatly improved the business climate.

This they explained was responsible for the harvest of awards that the State has been getting during the national MSME Awards among others.

Head of Policy and Strategy at GIZ Akin Amoware said the Rescue Administration under the leadership of Governor Simon Lalong has taken bold decisions to reform the business environment which have proven useful to business community and the citizens.

He explained that such reforms which are a continous process need to be sustained and enshrined in law to consolidate on the gains recorded.

The Governor launched the Compendium of Reforms produced with the Support of GIZ and thanked them for assisting the State to carry out most of the reforms.

Artisans in Plateau State also presented an award to the Governor for what they said was his passion for raising young entrepreneurs.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the
Governor of Plateau State.
10th December 2022.



Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong wants Nigerian youths to see agriculture as a business that has huge potential for job creation and employment rather than a vocation for those who have no opportunity for white collar jobs.

Lalong while speaking at the maiden convocation of the Plateau State College of Agriculture Garkawa said such shift in mindset is necessary because the youths have the capacity to approach agriculture from a perspective of knowledge and research unlike in the past.

“Many youths unfortunately still see farming as a demeaning occupation and would rather stay idle looking for white collar jobs that do not exist. We have trained thousands through PLASMIDA, ITF and other partners, as well as empowered them to establish their farming businesses. Many of them today are doing well and putting food on the table” he said.

The Governor maintained that Plateau State is one of the most blessed destinations in Nigeria and the world with abundant agricultural potentials that are supported by the clement weather and natural endowments.

“Our rescue administration realising this fact, moved swiftly to change the tide by implementing the Development Plan which clearly showed that agriculture, mining and tourism are the key areas of comparative advantage that we need to leverage on to boost the economy of our State. This is more so when we have the natural blessings of unique weather which enables us to cultivate crops that are rare and in high demand” he disclosed.

While congratulating the graduands, the Governor said although the school did not conduct convocation in the past, the Rescue Administration has intervened to ensure that students are not stranded anymore.

He said “An institution such as the Plateau State College of Agriculture plays the very important role of producing the skilled manpower that will interface of farmers and train them on modern farming techniques which give more value. Our Rescue Administration has done a lot to improve the capacity of our farmers to adopt mechanised farming and the application of modern methods which consume less energy and yet provide higher yield. We have to mechanize and move away from the hoe and cutlass for better results. Already, we are providing the infrastructure that will ensure that agricultural products are seamlessly evacuated and on time to various markets around the country and elsewhere. This has resulted in the designation of the Yakubu Gowon Airport Heipang as a Cargo Airport by the Federal Government. In addition, we acquired the Inland Container Terminal to also be integrated to the Masterplan for agriculture in Plateau State”.

Lalong tasked the College to work hard in carrying out research and field work that will assist farmers address the challenges of crop diseases, marketing and storage of farm produce as well as mechanised farming which will go a long way in making farming attractive and profitable.

Commissioner for Higher Education Education Prof. Barnerd Matur Malau and his Agriculture counterpart Dr. Hosea Finangwai said the Lalong Rescue Administration has done a lot to improve Higher education in the State through improved funding, infrastructure and manpower.

In his remarks, Provost of the Plateau State College of Agriculture Garkawa Dr. Madang Dasbak thanked the Governor Lalong for giving the College attention and making sure that the first convocation is held.

He said over the years, the College has offered courses leading to the award of National Diploma, Ordinary National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in various aspects of agriculture. He also explained that the College has proposed 6 programs at HND level awaiting approval by the NBTE.

Chairman of the Governing Council Mr. Stephen Marah also appealed to the Governor to sustain his administration’s commitment to education as it has the potency to change the development trajectory of the State.

The Governor presented awards to 23 graduands who emerged best in various courses.

Earlier, the Governor had commissioned a model healthcare Centre in Hambuak, Derteng Chiefdom of Shendam Local Government under the Savings-Working for Results.

He said the facility will provide healthcare for rural people from adjourning villages with the neighbouring local government areas.

Commissoner for Health Dr. Nimkong Lar, Director General of the Plateau State Contributory Health Scheme (PLASCHEMA) Dr. Fabong Jemchang and Executive Secretary Primary Health Care Development Board Dr. Livinus Miakwap all described the establishment of the facility as very strategic which will grant access, reduce time to access and also improve the capacity to save lives since there will be resident health personnel in the centre.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Barr. Cletus Kangkum appreciated the Governor for his attention to the welfare of the people. He disclosed that the community has purchased an ambulance and donated to the centre as well as payed for health insurance for 100 indigent people in the area.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State.
9th December 2022.