Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong has expressed shock and sadness over the death of wife of former Deputy Governor of Plateau State Her Excellency Ngo Lydia Bot-Mang.
Governor Lalong said he received the news with immense sadness and sorrow considering the role she played in the development of her immediate community, Plateau State and Nigeria at large.
He said as spouse of the former Deputy Governor of Plateau State Chief Michael Bot-Mang, Ngo Lydia supported her husband all through his professional and political career enabling him to succeed.
The Governor said the deceased was a true mother who continued to offer wise counsel to his administration as well as carrying out community engagements, working with women and youth groups towards empowering them.
Lalong also acknowledged her services to the nation as a trained nurse who gave a lot of succour to the sick particularly the underprivileged whom she spent her personal resources on at difficult moments.
While commiserating with the entire Bot-Mang family and especially her son Hon. Pam Bot-Mang the immediate past Commissioner for Works Plateau State and APC Gubernatorial running mate, Lalong urged the family to accept her death as the will of God while celebrating her mentorship, sacrifices and love which will remain with them for a long time to come.
Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State.
5th October 2022.



Plateau State Governor Simon Bako has called on Christians to actively participate in politics as a way of contributing to national development and adding value to governance in Nigeria.

Governor Lalong spoke while addressing the 14th Annual Conference of the Association of Papal Knights and Medalists in Nigeria holding in Jos.

Lalong said the theme of the Conference “Fratelli Tutti: Path for Credible Elections for Good Governance in Nigeria” is very appropriate as it will discuss issues about leadership recruitment and the delivery of good governance in Nigerian by the political class and bureaucrats.

He said “Many have suggested and rightly so, that Nigeria’s many challenges stem from poor leadership. However, a lot of people forget or do not realise that leadership does not begin and end with elections. It starts much earlier and continues afterwards. As someone who has been in politics most of my adult life, I can say without fear of contradiction that leadership recruitment begins with the consciousness of the society on what kind of leadership it desires. This determines the level of participation or otherwise of the citizens in the process that identifies, adopts and presents candidates for elections. Sadly, many of our brothers and sisters shy away from getting involved and would rather prefer to criticize, castigate and sometimes pull down those in office”.

Lalong said while he appreciates the fact that the Catholic Church has a robust platform for encouraging and pushing its members to participate in politics, so much still needs to be done within the entire Body of Christ in Nigeria to ensure that more Christians occupy decision-making offices.

“As children of light, we must be on the table of governance in order to stop darkness from taking a root and dominating. That is why I appeal to the Church to continue to create avenues for constant engagement with Christian politicians for proper articulation of its interests and evaluation” he said.

National President of the Association of Papal Knights and Medalists Rt. Hon. Dame Esther Uduehi said the body is made up of Catholics that have been honored by the Church for their contributions in the propagation of the gospel and for touching humanity in positive ways.

She raised concerns over the rising cases of religious intolerance, crime, terrorism and banditry which has not only affected the economic and social lives of the people, but restrained the freedom of people to practice their faith.

Dame Uduehi praised the signing of the new electoral law which she said will guarantee free, fair and credible elections where leaders who have the interest of the people at heart are elected.

Chairman of the occasion and Director General of the ITF Sir Joseph Ari said the conference provides an opportunity to further discuss how the Church and its members can contribute to the democratic process and also highlight the issues that pertain to propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He said the Association has all it takes to support the Church in all its activities and also assist society to address very critical challenges impeding its growth.

Chairman of the Jos Province Retired Justice Pius Damulak said the Province was privileged to host the National Conference for the second time, urging the participants to proffer suggestions on the way forward towards ensuring that Nigeria conducts an election that meets the aspirations of the citizens.

While declaring open the Conference opened, Catholic Archbishop of Jos Most Rev Dr. Matthew Ishaya Audu represented by Monsignor Professor Cletus Gotan welcomed the Papal Knights and Medalists to Jos and said the meeting was timely especially going by the theme chosen.

He said what Nigeria needs was not religiosity but righteousness which is founded on love, truth, fairness, equity and selflessness.

He said the 2023 elections provides a room for citizens to freely choose their leaders based on informed positions and not sentiments or misinformation.

Earlier, a mass was held at the St. Louis Parish Jos to usher in the conference.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State.
4th November 2022.


By Prince Sekat, Jos

It is no longer news that Rt Hon Yusuf Adamu Gagdi spoke last last at Abuja PUSDUNG 2022 organized by the Abuja chapter of the Ngas Development Association.

Perhaps what may be new is the ‘dust’ allegedly raised and certainly not controversy generated. That being said, there is need for the re-education of any who has taken it to ridiculous levels in order to make a political capital out of it.

They have accused him without let of being a front and all manners of despicable, derrogatory innuendos, just so to limit his estimation in the eyes of the good people of the state and beyond.

Seeing that they have been boxed and reduced in stature by the nature and character of Gagdi’s ascendancy, they are doing all they can to dim the star in him; yet, in his meekness he has concluded thus: ‘I leave everyone who speak bad against me with Almighty God. We will all appear before God and on the day of judgement and HE will judge’.

The question we have repeatedly ask is: For how long would they continue to wallow in self destruction, knowing that the man has continued to move like a train, clearing and laying foundation of good things in PKK?

Now we know better what they would have preferred: Get elected, go to Abuja, do nothing, but return empty after four years of the mandate. But Gagdi is a man on a mission, no matter the inhibitions and wedges placed in his path; and thank God, PKK has reaped bountifully. The proof of a genuine man are in the quality of the kind of things he does to people.

We have failed to understand why Rt Hon Yusuf Adamu Gagdi has not been ‘arrested’ by now having been labeled as ‘thief’. They perhaps should let us know how much he has ‘stolen’ from either government or private tills.

He has said: “I am not a thief, I swear I am not! But few people that envy me and are politically uncomfortable with me are busy blackmailing me. But even if I steal, which I do not, it is better to steal and bring it back to your people”.

The All Progressives Party flag bearer of Plateau State, Dr. Nentawe Goshwe has remained a light and would have since parted ways with Gagdi if he was a bad politician, yet the tangent with which they both have touched and transformed lives are so nuanced, that they remain the best among others of what the state needs.

That God has anointed Dr Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe among others, particularly of Ngas extraction is indication that the party loves them. Today, there are proofs that there are others in the opposition PDP, who, because of the genuineness of what he will do in the state, they are ready to jump ship to honour Nentawe by voting for him in 2023.

To say that Gagdi is cantankerous, noisy, boisterous and arrogant is to miss the essence of the Dan Malikin Kanam. If speaking the truth without blinking is arrogance, pray, say when shall we expect such genuine men, who will stand out and speak for the causes of people?

We know that the election in 2023 for them is not a do or die affair; it will be won because if you check their trajectories, they are truthfully concerned about working to change Plateau State for good. The 2023 election will provide that lattitude for people like Nentawe and Gagdi among others.

It is in God we trust always!


OCTOBER 31, 2022


By Prince Sekat, Jos

The attention of the Plateau State Government has been drawn to Media reports purportedly emanating from a Press Conference said to have been granted by one Engr. Lawanson Ngoa, Managing Director of Bleneson Services Nig. Ltd, the former Contractor engaged by the Plateau State Government to carry out its Legacy Projects dubbed the Lalong Legacy Projects.

During the said Press Conference allegedly held in Jos on 31st October 2022, the Managing Director of the erstwhile contracting Firm made spurious, false and misleading allegations against the Plateau State Government over the termination of the Contract and its re-award to a new Contractor with a view to misleading the Public, currying undeserved sympathy and unfairly disparaging the Government of Plateau State.

Among other things, the said Engr. Ngoa claimed that the Government has no right to terminate the Contract “while he is still alive” and that there is a pending case before the Court on the matter.

Although he did not State the Court where his case is pending or the nature of the case and the reliefs he seeks, the Government has found it necessary to put the records straight before he gets away with his misleading assertions.

  1. Sequel to the failure of the contractor to deliver the projects within agreed Timelines, the Plateau State Government issued a Notice of Termination of the Contract with Bleneson Services Ltd “the Contractor” (not Egnr. Lawanson Ngoa), via a Letter on 9th March 2021 in line with the letters and spirit of the Agreement of the Parties which which allowed either Party to terminate the Contract upon giving appropriate Notice as stipulated under the Contract.
  2. Upon receipt of the Notice of Termination, Bleneson neither responded nor contested the reason for the Termination as given by the Plateau State Government in the Letter.
  3. After the period of Notice of Termination had elapsed without any response or reaction from Bleneson, the Government of Plateau State considered the Termination as concluded, with same having been accepted by conduct, by the silence of the Contractor.
  4. Indeed ,after the Termination, (and this fact is verifiable), Bleneson Services Ltd evacuated all its Materials, Machinery and Staff from the Project Sites and moved them out of the State.
  5. It was after therefore clearly an afterthought that Bleneson went to Court to seek for Orders of Injunction supposedly to stop the Plateau State Government from terminating the Contract- a Contract already Terminated vide the State’s Letter of Termination, dated 9th March, 2021. This was clearly a futile effort to invalidate the completed termination. It was therefore no surprise that the High Court of Plateau State denied Bleneson the Ex-parte Orders sought behind the State Government, as no Court of Law can restrain an act that is already completed!
  6. Eventually, based on a Notice of Preliminary Injunction filed in the Suit on account of Bleneson’s refusal to abide by the a Pre-action Protocol required to be issued by every Litigant before commencement of the Suit, the High Court of Plateau State, after hearing the Objection struck out the Suit.
  7. Rather than comply with the requirement of the Rules of Court in order to qualify to reinstitute the Suit by doing what the Company ought to have done ab initio -,i.e, approaching the Plateau State Government in writing with its claims, which if not amicably resolved will then confer on it the right to institute a Suit of damages, Bleneson chose to appeal the Ruling of the Court to the Court of Appeal, which said Appeal is still pending.
  8. It is instructive that the Contract with Bleneson is a Contract for the provision of Services, which each party could have Terminated or even repudiated, whether rightly or wrongly. Bleneson has no right under the Law to insist on carrying out a Contract the State has clearly evinced an intention not to allow it continue with. It is within the State’s right to do so. By continuing with its work, Plateau State Government is not in breach of any Court Order. If there was any, Engr. Ngoa would have cited it during his Press Conference.
  9. Upon successful termination of the Contract and repossession of the Project Sites, Plateau State Government, in line with the Terms of the Contract, wrote Bleneson to come forward for a Meeting towards appointment of an Independent Valuer to ascertain claims (if any) and to facilitate reconciliation of Accounts as envisaged, which Invitation Bleneson rebuffed!
  10. Bleneson flatly refused to come forward and indeed Engr Lawson Ngoa threatened physical harm to Staff of the Plateau State Government who went to dispatch Letters of Invitation to its Office in Abuja to that effect. Even Staff of Courier Companies were threatened with Physical harm if they dared come to Blenson’s Office to deliver such Mails! The State Government has the Managing Director of Bleneson on Tape issuing Threats of physical harm against our Staff. To think that the same person now claims the Plateau State Government never invited him for any resolution Meeting is the height of mischief by someone we have since come to know as a Serial Liar!
  11. No one should be fooled by the misleading and false claims by the Managing Director of Bleneson that the termination was done behind them or they were not invited to make their claims. On the contrary, the company and its management chose to ignore the invitation perhaps to have sufficient reasons to play to the gallery in an attempt to blackmail the Government.
  12. Following the refusal of Bleneson to Cooperate and put forward its claims for work done or losses incurred (if any), Stakeholders in the project met and took a decision to invite the President of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) to appoint an Independent Valuer to assess the level of work done to allow for reconciliation of Accounts.
  13. The task was successfully carried out and a Report submitted which is available for Bleneson to access anytime it is willing to engage with the State.
  14. Because the records are intact and the fact that the process of terminating the contract was painstakingly followed in line with due process, the doors of the Plateau State Government are still open for Bleneson to come forward with any claims for debt, damages or losses incurred (if any) as a result of the Termination.
  15. As for the Termination of the Contract which is for Services, the Plateau State Government has exercised its rights as enshrined in the contract and has given Bleneson ample opportunity to take advantage of the same terms.
  16. The Contract with Bleneson therefore stood terminated and irreversible upon the expiration of the Notice of Termination. Bleneson and its Managing Director are at liberty to continue to live in Denial! What is more, the Plateau State Government has since taken possession of its Sites and found another Contractor to complete the Projects which could not be delivered by Bleneson as agreed in the erstwhile Contract.
  17. To think that Bleneson and his array of Lawyers are pretending to be unaware of the elementary position of our Law that you cannot force a mere Contract of Service on an unwilling Party and that Bleneson’s remedy lies in a Claim for Damages for wrongful Termination only (if any) is a crying Shame! It is noteworthy that despite the finality of the Termination by the State, Bleneson and his Lawyers are yet to file any Case in pursuit of what is his actual due, assuming the Termination was wrongful – a Claim for Damages, resorting instead to instituting a multiplicity of Court Cases seeking to restrain an act that has already been completed and can no longer be restrained! Bleneson has sadly added to this, a media campaign hype of misinformation, lies and mischief.
  18. The Government of Plateau State wishes to make it categorically clear that it refuses to join Bleneson in its aimless and foolish Voyage to nowhere, in the process of which the Company is serially abusing the process of our Courts of Law.
  19. Members of the Public are therefore advised to ignore any Media gymnastics and misinformation by Bleneson and its Managing Director Engr. Lawanson Ngoa that seeks to turn facts on their head with a view to attracting for the former Contractor undeserved sympathy and unnecessary attention.
  20. Bleneson‘s Managing Director is assured that the Doors of the State Government remain Open for discussions and resolution of all post-Contract issues with Bleneson, whenever that Company and its Management is ready for such discussions.
  21. The Plateau State Government reassures the Public and the good Citizens of the State that all steps taken so far by her with respect to the Lalong Legacy Project are strictly in line with the Terms of its Contract with Bleneson Services Nigeria Limited; in the best interest of our State and perfectly within the Laws of Nigeria.
  22. God bless Plateau State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria as we THINK and ACT Plateau always.

Hon. Dan Manjang, mnipr
Commisioner for Information and Communication,
Plateau State.
1st November 2022.



Plateau State Governor Simon Bako has commissioned school projects executed by the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) with a renewed commitment to ensuring that he leaves the educational sector as one of the best in the country.

Governor Lalong who commissioned the classrooms and Educational Resource Hall at the Model primary school in Shehe, Shinko Rayfield and Obasanjo Model primary school Hwolshe respectively, said his administration remains committed to upgrading all school infrastructure and ensuring that both the teachers and students have a great learning experience.

He said to ensure this, Government has consistently provided counterpart funding to enable the Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board access equivalent amount of Matching Grants from the Universal Basic Education Commission for nine years spanning from 2013 to 2021. So far, a total of over N9.8 billion was provided by the State Government as counterpart funding while about N16.7 billion was accessed and utilized in transforming the educational fortunes of our children in the Basic Education sub-sector.

The Governor said “This investment has led to the massive infrastructural development within the sector that is today noticed across the State. A total of 1,528 projects across the State ranging from renovation and construction of classrooms; examination halls; VIP Toilets; and Motorized Boreholes were awarded while about 127,000 Plastic furniture were procured and distributed across the 17 LGEAs. The interventions have equally brought about significant improvement in education delivery as well as a rise in school enrollment, literacy and numeracy skills among our learners. No wonder the Universal Learning Solutions Initiative reported a 65% increase in literacy level in lower Public Primary school learners in the State this year alone. So far, over ten thousand teachers from the Early Child Care Development Education, Primary and Junior Secondary Schools have been trained to further raise the literacy skills of the teaching population of our schools”.

Chairman of the Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board Prof. Mathew Sule appreciated the Governor for his commitment and passion for education which he said has led to phenomenal transformation of schools and improvement in enrollment and student performance.

He said in order to meet the human capital requirement, the Government approved the recruitment of four thousand eight hundred and fifty Ad-hoc teachers and deployed them to basic education schools across the State. Government through the Board is also in the process of recruiting additional set of Ad-hoc teachers in collaboration with Local Government Councils.

He said in the area of training and welfare of teachers, the Lalong Government has also sustained its support to the Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board to carry out Capacity Development Programmes both locally and outside the shores of this country.

He recalled that recently, the Governor also gave approval for the release of bag-log of promotion of Public Primary school teachers as part of efforts at developing a viable educational sector in the State.

In another development, the Governor has also commissioned the first Computerized Vehicle Inspection Center in Plateau State.

Performing the event, the Governor said the project is aimed at improving the quality of motor vehicles leading to preservation of human lives and enhancing safer roads for sustainable development.

He said “With the increasing volume of traffic in the State due to restored peace and stability, there is the need to ensure that vehicles plying our roads are roadworthy and safe for the transportation of passengers, goods and services. I am particularly happy that the establishment of this computerized centre though coming behind schedule is finally fulfilled. We can never over-emphasize the need for ensuring that vehicles plying our roads are in good health just as the drivers who are driving them. According to statistics by the FRSC and other organisations, the high level of accidents on Nigerian roads is largely associated with the conditions of the vehicles as much as it is with the conduct of the drivers. We are aware that many vehicles which should ordinarily not be seen on the roads are constantly engaged in carrying passengers and goods. Without checking this menace, we will continue to witness the wanton loss of lives and properties in accidents that are preventable”.

He implored all agencies of Government and security services in the State to support this project by collaborating with the Vehicle Inspection Service to ensure the success of this commendable project.

He also directed all Government MDAs and Local Governments to submit all official vehicles to the computerized inspection as a way of setting the pace for private and commercial vehicles to follow. He stated that when all the centres are activated across the State, enforcement and compliance will be total.
Commissioner for Transport Muhammad Muhammad Abubakar said with proper and sustainable enforcement, this project can generate a robust database which can be used for research, planning and development of the transport sector in the State and the Country at large.

He disclosed that vehicles which do not pass the test at this computerized centre will require further checks to bring them in tune with the standards which guarantee safety of both the drivers and the passengers. The checks will also enable vehicle owners to prevent issues that could eventually lead to breakdowns and accidents if not addressed on time.

He called on all citizens of the State particularly the Transport Stakeholders such as National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW); National Association of Road transport Owners (NARTO); Road Transport Employees Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) among others to give maximum cooperation and ensure that we work together to save lives and properties by obliging full compliance in order to maintain safety standards in the State.  

Chairman of the Plateau State Internal Revenue Service Dashe Arlat said the Governor has directed that the project be fully integrated on the State Central Billing System (CBS) to ensure transparency and accountability because apart from the Safety aspect, this laudable project is also a source of generating Internal Revenue for the State and will also provide employment for our teeming youths thereby reducing unemployment.

He said there are no exemptions will be permitted as every vehicle owner who wishes to ply Plateau roads will be required to subject his vehicle for computerized inspection.

Representatives of Transport Unions and the FRSC also gave their commitment to supporting the project.

Chief Executive Officer of Temple SYC Group Limited, Prince Segun Obayendo said the project which is a Public Private Partnership underscores the collaboration between the Government and private sector in finding solutions to challenges of development.
This he said closes the gap because it is a fact that Government does not have unlimited resources to provide every service for its citizenry and as such, this project will fill the funding gap for government and also ensure efficient service.

A demonstration of the vehicle inspection was carried out before the Governor.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the
Executive Governor, Plateau State.
28th October 2022.




In a move to address the challenge associated with access, quality, availability and affordability of drugs in Government health facilities, Governor Simon Bako Lalong has signed into law the Drugs and Medical Commodities Management Agency Bill 2022 recently passed by the House of Assembly.

While signing the Bill into Law at the Government House Rayfield Jos, the Governor said with the new legislation coming into effect, the Agency when established will ensure that all State owned tertiary, secondary, and primary health facilities get their drugs from one source which has a lot of advantages.

He said the days of out-of-stock syndrome will be addressed while the tracking of drugs will be easier. The agency will also ensure that the quality of the drugs procured is ascertained while those who store them will do so under a uniform template.

Lalong also said the Agency will also ensure that there is quality control by developing a standard operating procedure as well as addressing the issue of cost.

Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Plateau State Chrysanthus Ahmadu while giving the synopsis of the Law said the Agency is also permitted to carry out the manufacture of quality and affordable drugs and other consumables as well as operationalising the Revolving Drug Fund in all health facilities in the state

Meanwhile, the Governor has recieved members of the Nigerian Bar Association Jos Branch who paid him a courtesy visit.

Led by its Chairman Barr Izang Aware, the NBA said they were at the Government House to once again appreciate the Governor who has done a lot to improve the Judiciary in Plateau State through the construction of the High Court Complex and renovation of other courts as well as supporting and implementing the Autonomy of the Judiciary.

They formally introduced the new Executive Members of the NBA Jos Branch and assured him of their readiness to continually support his administration and its programmes.

They invited the Governor for the activities marking the 2022 Law Week and asked for his support towards renovation of the Bar Centre which will accommodate its activities.

Committee Chairman of the 2022 Law Week Barr Sunday Obende promised to organise a befitting law week in the State with the theme “Tipping point: 2023 General Elections in Perspective” scheduled to hold from 2-7 December 2023.

Responding, Governor Lalong welcomed them to Government House and said as his professional colleagues, he has continued to enjoy their support, advice and collaboration.

While promising them a new bus to run their office, he said he will do his best to support activities of the NBA and give them a serene working environment.

He promised to renovate the NBA Bar Center and commission the High Court Complex alongside the newly renovated Nigeria Union of Journalists Press Center before his tenure ends.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State.
27th October 2022.


By Prince Sekat, Jos

Plateau State Executive Council has approved a new contractor for the completion of the Lalong Legacy Projects following the termination of the contract with the previous contractor.

This was one of the decisions taken at the end of the Executive Council Meeting held at the Council Chambers of the new Government House, Little Rayfield Jos and presided over by Governor Simon Bako Lalong.

Briefing newsmen after the Executive Council Meeting, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance Mr. Kenneth Horlong who stood in for the Commissioner of Finance said the new contractor Mssrs United Integrated Construction Company was given the contract at the sum of 26.6 billion naira with a completion period of 32 weeks.

He said the projects which include 9 primary schools, 6 secondary schools and 6 hospitals, are world standard and located across the 17 local government areas of the State.

He said to ensure that the project is completed according to specifications, three Zonal consultants and a management consultant have been appointed to closely monitor the work.

Attorney General of Plateau State Chrysanthus Ahmadu said the Council also approved a draft Bill for the establishment of the Plateau State Investment Promotion Agency (PSIPA) which will merge the activities of the Plateau PPP Agency and the One Stop Investment Centre (OSIC).

Ahmadu said the Agency will not duplicate or conflict with the Plateau Investment and Property Development Company whose functions are to manage the existing investments of the State while the PSIPA is to attract investors into the State and enable them expand their businesses.

Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dr. Hosea Finangwai said the State EXCO also approved the Plateau State Agricultural Policy and Implementation Plan 2022-2027 as well as a draft Bill for the establishment of the Rural Access Roads Agency and State Road Fund and Board.

Commissioner for Education Secondary Mrs. Elizabeth Wapmuk said the Gender and Equal Opportunity Commission Draft Bill approved by the Council will go a long way in boosting the fortunes of women particularly the girl-child that needs opportunities for education, empowerment and employment.

Commissioner for Higher Education Prof. Barnard Matur said the completion of the legacy projects which include many schools will be very helpful in changing the narrative of the State and its citizens.

He said the issue of security was also discussed with far reaching actions to be taken to enhance safety of the citizens of the State.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State.
26th October 2022.


By Prince Sekat, Jos

Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong has challenged the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO) to work hard towards ensuring that power is extended to the central and southern Districts of the State.

The Governor was speaking when the management of JEDCO paid him a visit at the new Government House, Little Rayfield Jos.

Governor Lalong who appreciated the visit of the new Managing Director Engr. Bello Abdu Muhammed, said lack of power has been a challenge to the industrial development of the State particularly in the areas of agro processing.

He said the State Government has continued to work with the Federal Ministry of Power, TCN, and the distribution company to ensure that all obstacles are removed towards connecting the whole State to the grid.

He assured the MD of his support towards ensuring that power is distributed adequately and throughout the State.

In his remarks, Engr. Bello said his visit was to formally pay courtesy to the Governor and intimate him about his assumption of office as well as seek his support.

He told the Governor that he has been briefed about the power challenges facing the Government House which he said will be addressed in conjunction with the relevant staff of the Government.

Engr Bello also promised to support the Government towards connecting more towns and villages to electricity as a way of boosting economic activities.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State.
26th October 2022



Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong has tasked the Chief Judge of Plateau State Hon. Justice David Mann to continue to reform the Judiciary in order to further deepen the rule of law and justice delivery to all.

The Governor spoke at the Special Thanksgiving service in honour of the Chief Judge held at the Church of Christ in Nations, Abbatoir Jos.

He said the appointment of the Chief Judge which was a devine order, carries along heavy burden to ensure that humanity exists in harmony and under order and tranquility.

He commended him for serving the people without fear or favour and in line with his oath of office and dictates of his calling.

Lalong also prayed God to continue to give the Chief Judge the grace to fulfill his responsibilities to the best of his abilities and for the good of the citizens.

In a Sermon, Rev. Luka Damilep dwelt on the supremacy of Christ where he said God bestowed upon him every power and authority to redeem mankind so that his purpose will be fulfilled on earth.

The Pastor appreciated the Chief Judge for being closer to God even now than when he had not attained the status of the Chief Judge. He called on members to emulate the posture of the Chief Judge by submitting to the Authority of God at all times and positions they find themselves.

Lead Pastor of the Church Rev. Chuwang Moses Gyang speaking on behalf of COCIN President appreciated the Chief Judge of Plateau State for not allowing his position to take him away from the presence of God.

He commended him for also contributing to the growth of the church and participation in the spiritual and physical rejuvenation of members.

Grand Children of the Judge were dedicated where their father Barr. Peres Mann said it is thing of Joy to celebrate the grace of God upon his family for perfect healing of the children whom at delivery were discovered to have some medical challenges.

The Chief Judge Thanked God for the grace given him to rise to the rank of a Chief Judge in journey that started way back in 1983 as a Magistrate.

He appreciated the Governor, Speaker and all other Nigerians that have contributed to his professional growth and have supported him to discharge his duties with fairness and justice.

Donations were made towards completion of the Church auditorium with the Governor, Chief Judge and other invited guests participating.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State.
24th October 2022.



As part of his visit to Kano, Presidential Candidate of the APC Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, his running mate Senator Kashim Shettima, and the Director General of the APC Presidential Campaign Council and Governor of Plateau State Simon Bako Lalong have met with top entertainers from Kannywood as well as all Kano APC Support Groups.

During the meeting with the Support Groups held at the Indoor Sports Complex Kofar Mata, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu expressed his delight at the enthusiasm and support demonstrated by the support groups who mobilised in thousands to receive him and his delegation.

He said his passion to serve Nigeria will change the lives of the people positively in all sectors as outlined in his manifesto recently unveiled entitled “Renewed Hope”.

Tinubu described the Support Groups as key to the victory of the APC at the polls and said he had no doubt that they will work assiduously to ensure that Kano delivers huge votes for the APC.

He thanked Governor Abdullahi Ganduje for planning the visit which he said represents a test of the campaigns that will soon kick off officially.

DG APC Presidential Campaign Council and Governor of Plateau State Simon Bako Lalong also elated with the huge turnout of supporters from all parts of Kano said the APC is clearly the party on ground in the largest voting State of the country which confirms its leadership in Nigerian politics.

He said with what Governor Ganduje and the support groups have demonstrated ahead of the official flag off of the Presidential Campaigns, APC will sweep the votes of Kano as well as other parts of the country.

He described the support groups as the foot soldiers of the APC who will be adequately mobilised and supported to take the message of hope and renewal of Nigeria by Bola Ahmed Tinubu to all the nooks and crannies of the State.

Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje said Kano is set to deliver the highest votes to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu not only because it is an APC stronghold, but because of the passion they have for the candidate who is the most qualified.

He said Tinubu has the experience and track record of performance which is evident in Lagos, the commercial capital of the country.

When events shifted to the Coronation Hall at the Government House Kano, it was a gathering of top entertainers from the northern part of the country.

Under the umbrella of Kannywood, the film stars, musical artistes and other performers put up various presentations to affirm their support for the APC Presidential Candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Veteran film actor Sani Muazu and the Chairman Khalid Musa said Kannywood has chosen to go with Tinubu and Shettima and will therefore be available to participate in the campaigns throughout the Northern part of the country and elsewhere.

They requested that Kannywood be given a slot in the Presidential Campaign Council under the entertainers so as to enable them concentrate on the area they have dominance which will be more effective in the long run.

DG APC Presidential Campaign Council Governor Simon Bako Lalong who responded on behalf of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu said the candidate has approved the request of Kannywood and will also ensure that they have a hub for their activities once elected into office.

He announced a donation of 50million naira to Kannywood and appreciated their show of love and support which was captured in the various performances they staged.

Governor Ganduje while thanking Kannywood for the night of glamour said the APC has done well in Kano which makes it an attractive brand that the highest artistes in the Northern region could identify with.

The Governor assured them that with Tinubu as President, Nigeria will witness tremendous progress and also usher in a new phase of progress for the entertainment industry in Nigeria and in particular the North.
The APC Presidential Campaign and his team had earlier met with leaders of some religious groups including Tijjaniyya Sect, Ahlus Sunnah, Kadiriyya Movement, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.

Dr. Makut Simon Macham
Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau State and DG, APC Presidential Campaign Council.
24th October 2022.